Sunday, February 14, 2016

New Name/ New Blog

 After a year and a half, you are probably wondering why there were no posts.  Did I stop painting?  Give up blogging?  Break my computer?    I did have to give up painting temporarily after an auto accident in August 2014 and by the time I was able to paint again, I had met a great guy that I recently married and we have been exceptionally busy with renovating and moving.   I will start blogging again but since I can''t figure out how to change the title of this blog, I have started a new one and will eliminate this one after a while.
The new blog will be Barb DeUgarte's Art Blog  and can be accessed at,  
Before long I will also be setting up a website under my new name so watch for it.
I am still doing landscapes, plain aire, still life, and mixed media abstracts.