Monday, March 24, 2014

Cows and Apologies

I want to apologize to anyone who tried to leave a comment on this blog.  We were having trouble getting it to accept comments from anyone except the administrator but we are working on it.  When you go to leave a comment, you will get a list of identifications.  If you have a google account, you can click on your google account, otherwise you will either have to appear anonymous or put in your name with a URL which you can list as ""  Then you will get a list of numbers you must enter to prove you are human (which I must not be because I sometimes can't tell what the number is).  After all that, it will be sent to me by email and I will ok it to be published.  I sincerely hope that does not deter anyone except spammers.    
Meanwhile, I want to post another painting that I have been working on during the cold snowy weather we have been having.  I found this field on Old Mill Road about a mile from my house and it was so summery and peaceful last August.  The day was very hot and sunny, the grass was long and full of wildflowers including some Indian paintbrush, and the cows were cooling off by wading in the water.  It made me feel much warmer while I was painting it and the snow was falling outside.  The cows were probably sold off at the end of the fall because they have been gone all winter.  I hate to think they are now burgers. 
                                                       Cooling Off      Oil  16x20


  1. This is such a gorgeous painting, Barb. It makes me long for those warm days of summer!

  2. Love this painting and so glad you have a new blog. Looking forward to getting out there!